May’s Signature Facial: $200

Alpha Beta Peel: Anti-Aging and Hyperpigmentation treatment

Glycolic Acid Facial: $175

Revitalizes Skin, Anti-Aging, Large Pore Reduction and Tightens Skin

Lactic Acid Facial: $175

Rejuvenates Skin, Smooths Fine Lines, Softens Texture of Skin

Non-Surgical Face-Lift: $200

Back Facial: $150

European Facial: $150

All May’s Facials:  Start with relaxation with a massage of the face, neck and shoulders with Essential Oils and Fruits of the Sea Calming Cream

Steaming, Scrubbing, Exfoliation with Aida Grey popular Vegetable Peel Cream, Extraction, High Frequency Treatment to Moisturize and Germotize skin

May’s Peels have no visible peeling.