About Us


Tucked away in the heart of Brentwood this boutique beauty salon offers exceptional European style services inluding facials, eyebrows, threading, waxing, acne treatement and make-up, and has been servicing A-list celebrities for over 25 years.

Proprietor and facialist May offers expert Parisian and Eastern techniques to transform any skin: young, old, acne and red so that it is radiant and glowing. She is also known for her ability to treat problem acne when dermatologists and other treatments fail, as well as her painless, expert waxing.



“A waxing godsend, she firmly believes it’s all about service (not scene, thanks). The best part? Her technique is painless. (Put away that Vicodin, you sicko.) May refuses press, but word is that she does a certain Pretty Woman, a former Miss America, and the girls from Sex and the City. She’s fast, gentle, discreet — and very sweet. (No wonder she has such an A-list clientele.)”
Daily Candy

“Best Bikini Wax. Facialist and waxer May understands how to wax eyebrows, face and full bikini wax. She also does ‘threading’ to remove hair. Has celebrity clients but she will not reveal any of them…‎”

“The Aida Grey beauty salon run by May is a hidden gem. I have been going to May for over 8 years. She has transformed my over and badly plucked unruly eyebrows to a thing of glory. My eyebrows are so wonderful many people actually think it is natural…”